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Thank you for visiting our website, Plumber George. We are a dedicated team of plumbers who take great pride in our work. No job is too big or small and we have many, many years of experience in this industry.

We do not only service the town of George but we also service nearby areas.

What factors do you need to consider before a hiring plumber?

When you have a pipe that has gone bust or a geyser that’s broken and causing damage to your ceilings and floors or a toilet that is leaking – it is essential to work with the right plumber.

Hiring the wrong plumber can cost you much more down the line. So make sure you vet the plumber before just giving him the job.

We have also found that our clients start to trust us after we have delivered our 1st service to them.

Trust is earned. It comes with time and exceptional client service. Although we would love to work with you and become your preferred plumber, we do understand that trust needs to be built first. We respect that.

Therefore, we have created a short list of factors that we believe is crucial when looking for a plumber:

Is the plumbing business offering a 24 / 7 service?

It is imperative to get hold of your plumber when you have an emergency on your hands.

If the plumber you are considering can’t offer a 24 / 7 service then look for the next one.

There are plenty of plumbers who offer 24 hour service as part of their service offering.

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What experience does the plumber have?

We believe that experience is arguably the most important factor when choosing a plumber. Ask the plumber how long he has been offering plumbing services full-time.

Ask him how many clients he sees, on average on a monthly basis. When the potential plumber sees on average 30 to 50 clients + then you can rest assured that he has seen and worked on many different plumbing difficulties and scenarios.

That should give him the experience needed to tackle your problem with confidence and skill.

Who can refer him?

Obviously referrals are important. But keep in mind that you can get ‘dud’ referrals.

Obviously the plumber will only give you referrals of people that he knows is going to give him a good review. So take those referrals with a pinch of salt.

But, to be fair, a plumber won’t have referrals if he did a bad job. So at least there are some people out there willing to refer him because they feel his job was good enough.

By the way, other tradesman, like electricians or handymen or renovators may also be great resources to get good plumbing referrals from.

Also look for online reviews. These days you can check out most plumbers online though platforms like hellopeter or looking at google reviews.

Is the plumber qualified?

The right plumbing qualification is obviously important. You can ask the plumber for proof of qualifications. At least you will know he has a good theoretical knowledge on the subject matter.

Word of warning though: I still believe that experience is the dominant factor. I have seen plumbers in action that does not necessarily have the qualifications (they couldn’t afford studies for example) but their quality of work is still phenomenal.

These guys usually were mentored by master plumbers themselves, like plumber George.

Is the plumber insured?

I’m sure you would agree that this is vital. Look, accidents happen. With some people it happens more than with others.

So make sure that your plumber has insurance in place. If something happens that cause damage to your domestic, commercial or industrial environment, then the cost won’t be on you. It will be on the plumbers’ insurer.

So this component should be in place before you consider the services of a plumber.

What are the charges?

Remember, you get what you pay for. Experienced and qualified plumbers will charge more than rookies.

So if you come across a cheap plumber, maybe ask yourself the question: “Why are they so cheap?” Maybe no one wants to work with them anymore because they messed up and they need to cut their prices in order to get more jobs in.

Also, don’t be ‘penny wise and pound foolish’. Saving R50 here and R100 there but having to do it all over again in 12 months’ time is foolishness.

Then it will probably cost thousands of Rands to get the issue fixed.

Nevertheless, still know the per hour rate of your plumber as well as the call out fee.

Plumber George are reasonably priced and very competitive given the experience and skill we bring to the table.

Is the plumber you consider employed by a large company or self-employed?

I can guarantee you that plumbers who work for bigger companies will charge higher rates. But here’s the catch – you won’t necessarily work with someone who has experience.

Many times these companies will send out the rookies (who they pay very little) to do the job. This will keep the company cost down and their return on investment high.

The rookie also don’t really care if the job gets done in the best possible way or not. He just wants to get the job done and get out of there.

With a self-employed plumber the context is different. They have to make sure that they do the job in the right way, the first time.

Their reputation is dependent on doing it the right way. Otherwise, they will be out of business – and they know it. So if they have to unblock a drain, for example, they will make sure that they do a great job.

They will usually cost a little less than a big plumbing company as well since they won’t carry all the business overheads that these bigger companies have to carry (like rent, salaries, materials, etc).

What’s the online presence of the plumber like?

I know this is probably not the most important point to highlight but still, consider it. We’re living in the internet age. Everything is available online on our Plumber George website.

We believe that this will show you whether the plumber is moving with the times. If he has a good looking website, he will most probably stay on top of the newest best practices and materials available in the plumbing market as well.

Hopefully you can see that we take pride in our online presence when you look at our website.

There is much more that we can talk about but we would rather that we do that face-to-face.

Hopefully this page has given you some insight as to how to choose the correct plumber. There are many people who offer plumbing services in George but only a handful is worth partnering with.

We trust that you will phone plumber George and make us your preferred plumber. You will not be sorry. Guaranteed!

If you have any questions, please call us on 087-250-3204. We would love to hear from you.

Click To Call - 087-250-3204

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Smirre Esterhuizen
Smirre Esterhuizen
19:38 29 Aug 19
Geyser Installation specialists in George. Don't even think twice. Use these guys.
Keith Willows
Keith Willows
13:51 20 Jun 19
I was really happy with the service that Plumber George gave me recently. I had to replace a old geyser and these guys... were great. When I looked for a plumber in George, I needed help quick. That's exactly what Plumber George offered me. Quick help at reasonable prices. I would recommend Plumber George any time. Definitely my go-to guys when looking for a plumber in George.Thanks again guys. You're worth this reviewread more
Jeff Joyce
Jeff Joyce
08:23 01 Apr 19
These are honest people. They do a good job! Thanks guys - job well done!
Hanco Dunver
Hanco Dunver
08:14 01 Apr 19
Quality work. Definitely one of the better plumbers in George
John Diedericks
John Diedericks
19:00 05 Feb 19
Great company to work with
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