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We Unblock Drains

Blocked drains can be such a pain.

The ‘spill over’ effect (pardon the pun) of blockages can be quite devastating if you don’t attend to it promptly.

Water damage, which can be very costly is the obvious result of drains that are blocked. Let’s also not forget the nasty smells that will surface when sewer pipelines get clogged up.

Add to that possible corrosion, water drainage that is slow and repair costs that can skyrocket if you don’t do something about it fast and you have one nasty issue.

Thankfully, plumber George knows how to deal with these issues quickly and efficiently. We clear drains that are blocked in no time.

We do it professionally and before you know it, everything is back to normal. Our qualified and experienced team won’t let you down. That is a guarantee.

What are the main causes of blocked drains?

Tree roots.

Drains regularly get blocked due to tree roots. When pipes have cracks it is very easy for tree and plant roots to find their way into that pipe.

This will usually cause more damage as the root will start to split the pipe open. As time goes by, this underground ‘root attack’ will get so bad that all water flow will be halted.

If it gets to this state then no homemade solution will work. You will probably need something like a pressure jet cleaning system or rooter service to get rid of these roots. In worst case scenarios, excavation would be necessary to replace pipes.

Unnatural objects.

Apart from human waste, urine, toilet paper and water, nothing else is supposed to get flushed down your toilet. We have found some strange objects in sewer pipelines.

A toilet is not a waste bin. Don’t use it to flush items that supposed to go into the waste bin.

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Yip, hair is a biggy. Hair will usually ‘glue’ together with other substances like fat or oils or sticky objects.

It will then form these little hair balls that easily clog up drains. Make sure that hair does not get into your pipe system. Have hair-catchers in baths and showers and keep these clear. Prevention is better than cure.


Say what? Yes, minerals can build up in such a way that over time can cause blocked drains. This is not an easy fix though.

These mineral build ups can be very tough to remove. Plumber George however knows how to clear your drains from these nasty build up minerals.

Toilet Paper.

Sometimes toilet paper do get stuck in drains and pipelines. This may happen due to a variety of reasons. A good drain rod will quickly get rid of this problem.

How To Clear a Blocked Drain:

Sometimes you can unclog drains yourself. Here’s a few tips on how to try and unblock, drains that are blocked.

Pour boiling water down the drain.

As mentioned previously, many times fat and grease can be the cause of blocked drains.

When you pour down boiling water, it will loosen these substances and can unclog the drain. But be careful if you have PVC materials. Boiling water may loosen joins on these pipes.

Rather use normal hot water, not boiling water.

Baking soda and vinegar.

Pour the baking soda into the drain and then pour the vinegar after. This will cause a chemical reaction that can clear out blockages.

Be careful though. The mixture can bubble out so it’s best to cover the drain when throwing the mix down the drain. Flush the drain afterwards with hot or boiling water.

Drain cleaner.

You can obviously purchase drain cleaner from your local stores as well. These cleaners are very strong chemicals and harmful to our ecosystems.

It’s not the recommended way to go but sometimes necessary. Use this method sparingly please and protect your hands, face and body as these chemicals can cause a lot of harm when they spill on your skin or even worse, your eyes.

Plumber rod.

This is very effective. A plumbers rod can work magic. The rotating action of the rod clears the blockage very effectively.

Especially if the blockage is near the beginning area of the drain. It will start to lose its effectiveness when the blockage is further down the drain.


Let a professional plumber like plumber George do this. Water is forced through a small nozzle causing a very powerful stream of water.

The applied water pressure can clear a lot of blockages in drains and can be very effective.

These methods should all be used with care please. If you are unsure it is always best to phone a professional plumber.

Plumber George is ready to help.

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