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Geyser Installation

As with anything in life, geysers need to be maintained and after some time replaced.

A geyser is also subject to wear and tear and it’s an expense you’ll have to commit to sometime in the future.

A complete geyser installation can cost anything from R5,000 to R7,000 + (labour included).

But this is an expense that will only be necessary every now and again. A good geyser will probably last more than 15 years. So it’s not something you have to worry about every second year.

Make sure that the plumber you are going to work with is a qualified and experienced plumber.

It is crucial for him to have the necessary qualifications, accreditations as well as experience so you can have peace of mind.

At plumber George, we have all these qualities. You can be assured of exceptional service. We get the job done, correctly the first time around.

If your geyser in not installed correctly it will be wise to get a quote from a professional plumber to get your geyser installation COC compliant.

Remember, a certificate of compliance (COC) is necessary if you want to sell your property.

If you want to rent out your house, it may even be a requirement from the lessee that the owner provide a COC.

We will fix all aspects of the geyser installation that needs fixing in order to be compliant. We can also issue you with a certificate of compliance when the job is done.

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Geyser Repairs

Apart from installations we also do geyser repairs. Sometimes your geyser just needs a little ‘tender loving care’ to be their good old self again.

Does your geyser trip a lot? No problem, plumber George has got it covered.

We also fix broken or leaking pressure valves and safety valves.

Is your geyser overflowing? No problem, we’ve got that covered.

Do you need your geyser to reduce its energy consumption? We got you covered.

It will also be wise to give us a ring if you hear a humming sound from your geyser or if the water is not as hot as it used to be.

If your geyser is outside and you see regular wet spots underneath it, then something may be wrong.

We’re not going to go into the technicalities of geyser repairs but many times the solution for your geyser problems is a simple one.

Give us a call and we will give you a transparent and objective view of what needs to be done.

Geyser Maintenance

Geysers experience more workload during winter months. Therefore, they tend to burst during the colder months as they are under a lot more pressure.

Here’s a few tips on how to prevent that from happening.

Geyser blanket: I’m surprised to see how many geysers which are installed on the outside of a property is not covered in a geyser blanket.

This is such a simple and cost effective solution to reduce your energy bill as the water will stay warmer for longer.

Make sure your geyser is insulated with this blanket and you will prolong the longevity of your geyser.

Switch your geyser off every now and again. Your geyser also needs a ‘breather’ and allowing it to rest for about 30 minutes or so will help your geyser to prolong its lifespan.

If your geyser is fitted on the inside of the house above the ceiling, then make sure you have drip-tray underneath it.

If the geyser overflows or the geyser bursts the tray will catch the water.

Also make sure that this drip tray leads the water to the outside of the house so that your ceiling does not get damaged.

We recommend having your geyser installed on the outside of the house to prevent issues like this.

Set your geyser thermostat on 60 degrees Celsius. In order to do this your thermostat obviously will needs to work.

60 degrees Celsius is hot enough for a relaxing shower. But in the process you will be saving on your electricity bill and put less pressure on your geyser.

Service your geyser. As with a car, a geyser will need servicing if you want to prolong its lifespan.

Plumber George recommends to service your geyser every 2 to 3 years.

These tips should keep your geyser in tip top shape for years to come. If you need additional advice or assistance, then kindly give us a call.

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