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Solar Geyser Installation

Solar geysers have gained population around the world today and our plumbers in George are experts in solar geyser installation.

They are reliable and durable and they have evolved with great ideas and are advanced in controlling functions.

Solar geysers are now an important component in homes. For both commercial and domestic use, they are cost effective. It helps reduce your electricity bill and is efficient. A solar geyser uses solar energy which is free. The solar system works by collecting solar energy from the sun by using collectors. Tubes or flat panels collect the solar energy from the sun. They are more efficient when placed on top of the roof.

Like any other solar-powered device, solar geysers can also develop issues with time. Elements and parts deteriorate. It is important to note that if you plan on installing a solar geyser system, that your system should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. This helps keep your system efficient for many years to come.

Below is some information on common problems and ways to troubleshoot them.

A Solar water heater is an assemblage consisting of:

  • Solar panels (collectors)
  • Pumps,
  • Controllers,
  • Connecting pipes and
  • Insulated storage tanks

The solar panels get positioned to trap solar energy. The solar energy gets converted into heat for free. After that, the heat gets absorbed by the water and gets stored in tanks for use.

The panels have tempered glass, temperature, and pressure relief valves to help control the temperature and pressure. The system also comes with a circulating pump that helps with the circulation of water in the system. It is important to protect some parts of the solar system from either overheating or freezing, since the solar system is exposed in the open.

Thermosiphon system: These are used to make hot water by heating the water directly or indirectly. When glycol (anti-freeze) goes through the heat exchanger, it transfers heat to the water. A storage tank that gets installed above the collector is what the system uses. This helps the fluid rise by natural convection to the tank with no use of a pump. This system works well in areas that have high solar energy.

ICS – Integral system: This is also a great system for areas with a lot of sunny days and areas with a high demand for water. They are built using one tank or more. They get painted black, installed inside a box, and insulated well.

Drain down system: This system circulates treated or untreated water via a loop. Heat is transferred to the potable water using a heat exchanger. Controllers, pumps, and sensors are used to turn the system OFF or ON. To prevent freezing and convection loops at night, the water drains by gravity.

Indirect solar geyser system: Freeze-protected water is circulated through a closed-loop. Water in the storage tank is then heated by a heat exchanger. Two examples of freeze-protected fluids (glycol) to use are water-ethylene and water-propylene solutions.

Some problems that may occur with solar geysers are:

  • Build-up of sediment,
  • Metal parts corroding,
  • Wear and tear
  • Freezing
  • Leaking fluids
  • No hot water or insufficient supply of hot water

Regular maintenance helps prevent some of the problems and ensure smooth operations.

What to check with solar geysers and how to prevent solar geyser problems:

  • The collector glazing should get cleaned. Soil, leaves, dust, vegetation and any other foreign objects and materials should be cleared from solar geyser components. This helps avoid any components that can hinder smooth operation.
  • Seals should not be cracked or damaged. There should be no leaking fluids.
  • There should be no loose bolts or nuts on the supporting structures.
  • Cracks on the collector glazing should be repaired or replaced when necessary.
  • The storage tank should not have any leaks. Pressure relief valves should be operating well.
  • Replace the heat transfer fluid or install a water softener if there is a buildup of sediment.
  • Where necessary, add insulation to avoid the risk of freezing and low performance.
  • Do regular checks on sensors, pumps, and controllers for efficiency.

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